fire and ice 2011-2023

Fire and Ice, inspired by Robert Frost’s poem of the same name, is an apocalyptic vision of the present state of political divisiveness in the United States. Set up as two separate rooms with paintings covering the walls and painted ceilings, Fire and Ice explores the destructive powers of both fiery passion and icy hatred. The “fire” room is devoted to liberals, the ice room to conservatives. This choice has mostly to do with my own political preferences, but fire and ice are to be seen as equally dangerous. It is the growing schism in our country that worries me the most.  This work was made in 2011, but is tragically even more relevant today. 

In January 2023, I had a huge bonfire with freinds to symbolically commemorate the collapse of a functional two-party system. I am interested in exhibition opportunities for updated version of this piece. The installation would include two large paintings, piles of ashes, and video installation. 

fire and ice